KNOW YOUR MOON SIGNS                                                   

                           (KNOW YOUR RASI )

Rasi is the sign in which the moon is placed in one's chart.   It is  important in judging the horoscope and the important events of one's life. 


If you are born in India you do not   have to change the latitude, longitude or time zone. Just type your date of birth and the time of birth. By pressing the (PRESS HERE) button you would immediately come to  know the degrees, minutes, seconds, of your  Rasi in which the Moon is placed at the time of your birth. 


Write your date of  Birth :  Month:   Date   Year

Your Birth Time (24hr format)   Time Zone   (India)

Daylight Saving Time (If applicable on that day at your place of birth)

Longitude of your birth place East (Clear check if Western longitude)

Latitude of your birth place  South (Check if southern latitude)

Click on the button (Press Here) Your Rasi & Nakshatra will be shown in the box bellow. 

  Your  Rasi Is 

Your Nakshatra Is 



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